Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Concert Band rox

by viewing my title, u probably know that i am from concert band- yah. So, if anyone who is from CO( Chinese Orchestra-if u don't know) or string ensemble, are advised to not read this blog because u will either get angry and jealous and look for me. YEAH, so i seriously think u should press the button- next blog. thxx.

anyway, continuing on from where i stop, my band had a new conductor which also the conductor of Kent Ridge Sec Band, Damai Sec Band and ACS(J) band at the start of the year. So, many changes have been made. One of it is the buying of new instruments. Yeah- maybe u guessed correctly- i got a brand new clarinet. Buffet man!!!!!!!!! So shiny and dazzling!!! I was abt to go blind aft seeing the keys. Yeah, and more good news, the school have also ordered a brand new bass clar and E flat clar. Yoohoo, this is so a goban day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

blood and humour

The fight was also during math class. This two enemies which the class hates had to seat with each other. oF course, they started fighting. One got punched and started blood like crap from his nose. He did'nt know at first and was staring looking around with his two beady eyes( it did'nt work) .aft someone told him then he notice and rush to the washroom. the teacher was like freak out. he when to the hospital or wad but came back at the third last period. The other nut who punched was given 4 behaviour dentention classes. haha-wad a loser. He is really a loser. He carries his bag like super low and and he talks like some attention seeker. FIne, he is a attention seeker. We call me a chicken or more a rooster as he is alsmost bald. HAHA ! I should call him the bald eagle or something.

bood and humour

Haha!! Today was like hilarious and crazy!! 1 bloody fight and 2 falls from chairs. The first incident was on the first period of the day. It was like we were doing some speech crap when somebody sudeenly fell from his chair. We were laughing like shit. He was leaning back when he fell. The second one was during math class. This fat dude was like stting when the whole chair gave way and he came sprawling on the floor. 2 legs of the chair were like ripped out from the chair. hahahaha!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ahh!! I'm so damn tired. I'm like occupied every single day and have so little time to go online and chat. It's like i wake up at 6, go to school, aft school got some crap- CCA, classes!! Freak! And when i go home, my mum shrieks at me for some bloody assignment and get me so piss. Freak, I hate my life. It feels like i am here for no purpose, just here to live a life. It's like so boring. All i do is just eat, study and sleep. Can't go to movies or any entertainment like that. Ah, why can't i get a life!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I finally got my blog done.Cant get it started after cathlin showed me her Anyway, my both sis both have blogs and i am the only one left out. haha. finally.